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The Bel Canto Chorus is celebrating its 40th season of making music

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The Bel Canto Chorus is celebrating its 40th season of making music

The Bel Canto Chorus Seeks Former Members

The Bel Canto Chorus is celebrating its 40th season of making music and performing for the Greater Sudbury area. In honour of this milestone the choir is holding a Gala Dinner and Fundraiser on February 26, 2016 at 6:00 pm at the Holiday Inn, Regent Street. Funds from this event will support the choir in sharing their music through free mini concerts at seniors’ residences and other pro bono engagements, as well as sponsoring music awards and bursaries.

The choir’s director, Pamela Teed, also a member of the organizing committee for the gala states, “We’re inviting past members to join us for a wonderful walk down memory lane. Former directors will be there, and we anticipate a joyous evening of celebration and song.” Anyone who loves music is welcome to join in the festivities, whether or not they’ve ever been a member of the choir.

The funds raised from this event will assist the choir in providing its regular outreach to the community. “Our choristers thoroughly enjoy our annual mini-concerts at seniors’ residences in the area early in June, and they take great delight when we are invited to perform at locations such as Daffodil Terrace and the Vale Hospice,” says Teed. “We rehearse for 8 months of the year, but when our concerts are over, many members miss the opportunity to sing! These pro bono mini concerts are a great way for members to share their love of music with those who aren’t in a position to attend our full concert. It’s one of many ways we are happy to give back to the local community that has supported us for four decades.”

Any donors interested in contributing to this worthy cause, or those interested in buying tickets may check the organization’s website at, the Gala Facebook page at through Pamela Teed or Irene Nizzero.

The Bel Canto Chorus offers four public performances annually – two in December and two in May, performing a wide variety of musical styles, including sacred, classical, modern, folk, Broadway, in order to appeal to a cross-section of the community. Concerts typically feature guests such as Sudbury Secondary Choirs, Cambrian Youth Orchestra, KampanaHandbells, providing opportunities for talented local voice students to be spotlighted. Each year, the choir funds an award for vocal performance at the Sudbury Kiwanis Festival.

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