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Sudbury Social Justice News - January 4, 2015

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1) Monday, January 5: Support Public Sector Workers in Sudbury
2) Monday, January 5: Meeting of Sudbury Coalition Against Poverty
3) Thursday, January 15: Meeting of the Sudbury Working-group of The Media Co-op
4) Thursday, January 15: Coalition for a Liveable Sudbury General Meeting


None this time!


Monday, January 5: Support Public Sector Workers in Sudbury

Time: noon
Location: Sudbury Jail (181 Elm Street, Sudbury)

Members of the Ontario Public Service Employees Union are planning an event Monday at noon to rally support in their contract negotiations with the province.

The rally and barbecue will take place outside the Sudbury Jail, 181 Elm St., and will include members of OPSEU Local 617. According to a news release, members are trying to “shift the Wynne government off their privatization agenda and stop them from gutting our collective agreement.”

Among the issues at the bargaining table are wage disparity with other agencies, a two-year wage freeze and privatizing government services. Negotiations with the province also resume Monday.

OPSEU workers across the province are rallying in support of negotiators. The union, which represents 120,000 public workers across Ontario, received a strike mandate from workers Dec. 6.


Monday, January 5: Meeting of Sudbury Coalition Against Poverty

Time: 6:30pm
Location: Offices of the Sudbury and District Labour Council (Suite 209 upstairs in 109 Elm Street, which is across the street from the Native Friendship Centre)

The venue is wheelchair accessible. Children are welcome to attend, or
childcare support is available upon request.

Matters to be discussed include: the Out of the Cold shelter; CHPI exceptional circumstances funding; the SAMS computer crisis; access to Handi-Transit; City meetings on Jan. 19th and 20th, the forum on community policing, the Raise the Rates campaign, Another Politics book tour, and our direct action support work.

S-CAP is a direct-action anti-poverty organization based in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. We provide direct-action support work assisting individuals in their struggles with welfare and ODSP, housing, employers, and others who deny people what they are entitled to in order to meet their needs. In addition, we mount campaigns against and support educational work about regressive government policies as they effect working people and people living in poverty. We believe in the power of people to organize themselves. We believe in the power of resistance!

La coalition contre la pauvreté de Sudbury (S-CAP) est un organisme d’action directe luttant contre la pauvreté. Elle se trouve à Sudbury en Ontario.

Le travail de la coalition se base dans l’action directe et consiste à apporter de l’aide aux individus dans leurs luttes pour l’assistance sociale, l’invalidité, le logement, l’emploi et à les aider à faire face aux gens qui leur refusent ce à quoi ils ont droit pour rencontrer leurs besoins. De plus, la coalition fait des compagnes de  sensibilisation et de dénonciation par rapport aux politiques gouvernementales régressives quant à leurs effets sur les travailleurs et travailleuses et les personnes vivant dans la pauvreté.

La coalition croit au pouvoir des personnes de s’organiser elles-mêmes; elle croit au pouvoir de la résistance!

Please call us 249-878-7227

Email us at


S-CAP on Facebook:


Thursday, January 15: Meeting of the Sudbury Working-group of The Media Co-op

Time: 10am to noon
Location: Main branch of the Greater Sudbury Public Library (74 Mackenzie Street, Sudbury)

At this meeting, we'll be planning for an organizing strategy and campaign planning workshop we're co-sponsoring in March; discussing a proposed training in collaboration with the Sudbury and District Labour Council; and continuing our ongoing work to find a wide-range of interesting and original local content to publish on our site.

We encourage anyone and everyone who might be interested in making media themselves, or who recognize that a robust grassroots media infrastructure is essential for social change work being done across a broad range of issues, to come out to the meeting and share your ideas!

If you can't make it to the meeting but still think you might want to be involved somehow -- through organizing things, through participating in some of the editorial stuff, through writing or producing other content -- then be in touch with me at the email address above or send a note to

Find our site at:

Our callout for content, some of which we might even be able to pay for:

Find us on Facebook at:


Thursday, January 15: Coalition for a Liveable Sudbury General Meeting

Time: TBA
Location: TBA

Save the date -- this will be the next CLS general meeting. More details to follow in the new year!


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