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Sudbury Social Justice News - August 2, 2015

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[A quick bit of housekeeping before I get into the usual event listing: I've been very happy over the last few years to be the custodian of this list, following in the footsteps of Chris Dixon, and before that Gary Kinsman. However, I will be moving away from Sudbury in mid-August -- a change that offers exciting new opportunities, but also one that makes me sad about leaving a wonderful community that has been home for me for over a decade. Responsibility for Sudbury Social Justice News will be taken over by local activist Gabriel Keresztesi. He isn't able to do his first update until mid-September, so I will continue to look after SSJN until that point, though perhaps my updates will be a bit less frequent than usual. Thank-you for the opportunity to contribute to the political life of Sudbury in this little way, and I will definitely continue to keep an eye on all the wonderful things that people in this town organize even when I'm living far away! -- SN]


1) Monday, August 3: Meeting of the Sudbury Revolutionary Network
2) Monday, September 7: Labour Day in Sudbury
3) Saturday, October 3: Global March for Elephants and Rhinos - Sudbury


1) Call for Donations -- "Beyond 'Stop Harper!'"
2) Petition: Stop Aerial Herbicide Spraying on the Sudbury Forest
3) "The suffocating experience of being Black in Canada" by Anthony Morgan


Monday, August 3: Meeting of the Sudbury Revolutionary Network
Time: 6:30pm to 8:30pm
Location: 84 Station Cafe (84 Elgin Street, Sudbury)

The main items on this meeting's agenda are:

* Discussion of the recent dismissal of the assault case against notorious pic Constable Labreche (, additional instances of police terror in Sudbury brought to SRN's attention, and next steps in our continuing work against racism and police terror
* Reports from the Tenants Committee and the Revolutionary Workers' Committee
* Coordinating our presence at upcoming community events

If you have questions or comments, or to receive the full agenda, send us an email at or a PM via Facebook ( Suggestions for additions to the agenda are welcome and will be incorporated at the start of the meeting.

SRN meets every other Monday, same time and place! First-time attendees and observers are encouraged to contact us first to indicate you are attending. Please note that the venue is wheelchair accessible.


Monday, September 7: Labour Day in Sudbury

Time: 10am to 4pm
Location: Bell Park (downtown Sudbury)

The annual event in honour of workers and of the labour movement will begin with a march that will start and end in Bell Park. The  rest of the day, which will also happen in the park, will involve activities (including lots of good stuff for kids), info booths, food, and celebration.

All are welcome!

People who are interested in volunteering to help with food distribution, kids activities, set-up and take-down, and other things can contact Shelley at the Sudbury and District Lablour Council via or 705-674-1223.


Saturday, October 3: Global March for Elephants and Rhinos - Sudbury

Time: noon
Location: Starting from Memorial Park (downtown Sudbury)

March for Elephants and Rhinos!

Will you come and march with us on October 3rd 2015 on behalf of the Earth's disappearing majesty? Elephants and rhinos are being poached to extinction. Let's march on this day to reverse the trend. You can also visit Sudbury Saves Elephants and for more information.

This event on Facebook:



Call for Donations -- "Beyond 'Stop Harper!'"
(To donate, go here:

Grassroots media-makers from across the country (including someone from Sudbury) have been working on a great project with the Media Co-op at the national level, and I am writing today in the spirit of one of the less fun but absolutely necessary components of grassroots media work -- the fundraising appeal. With today's election call, party machinery will be revving into high gear in every corner of the country, but I'm writing to ask you to help us put out a publication that moves beyond a simple focus on "Stop Harper" and works to help movements develop new ideas and strategies to attack neoliberalism head-on.

Other supporters describe the Media Co-op and our flagship print magazine The Dominion as "the best kept secret in Canadian media." With this special issue, we are hoping to reach new audiences.

During the past 10 years, we were on the front lines in Toronto for the G8 summit, highlighted the impact of the Vancouver Olympics on local communities, reported on the goals and challenges within the Carré Rouge and Idle No More movements, and covered stories from communities of resistance all across Canada.

This is our largest project to date. Not only do we want to take on Stephen Harper but we also want to present ideas of what a Canada and a world could look like without austerity: a view of what our communities, workplaces and educational institutions could be without the shackles of neoliberalism. And it is only through *your* donations that we will get this issue into as many hands as possible to strengthen what is likely to be an all-too-rare principled anti-austerity message in what's going to be a noisy and ugly election campaign.

I hate to ask, but it is only through individual donations that we'll be able to reach as far as we want with this issue, so I'm hoping you can support it. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at

Please visit our campaign page by clicking here:

Even if you are unable to donate, please share that link on Facebook and other social media to spread the word about this initiative.

Thank you so much for your support!


Petition -- Stop Aerial Herbicide Spraying on the Sudbury Forest
(To sign, go here:

The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) approved aerial herbicide spraying over parts the Sudbury Forest and is slated to begin on August 15, 2015. They claim their efforts will “regenerate and protect Ontario’s forests.”

The herbicide VisionMax Pest Control Product (PCP), a Monsanto product containing glyphosate, the same chemical in RoundUp, and Garlon XRT PCP, another systemic herbicide containing triclopyr, will be used. Both are toxic to human, plant and animal life.

Sudburians have been kept out of the loop for too long. We have a right to clean air, water, soil and forests. We need to respect and protect this beautiful land and all of it’s amazing plant and animal life. We have a voice. We need to speak up and stand together.

Please join and support this effort to stop the spraying of toxic herbicides.

To sign, click here:


"The suffocating experience of being Black in Canada"
by Anthony Morgan
(From the Toronto Star:





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