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Sudbury Voices Event: Laurie McGauley

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On May 8, 2013, the Sudbury working-group of The Media Co-op hosted a town hall meeting and community discussion. A panel of six residents of Sudbury who are deeply engaged with questions of what our community is and what it might become kicked off the evening, and lead into a larger conversation among the forty people who attended about what we want and how to get there. We have been posting videos of the talks given by the six panellists. This is the last of the 6, and shows Laurie McGauley, a well respected local community activist.  She is perhaps best known as a founder of Myths and Mirrors Community Arts, but is also recognized for her work in social justice, women's rights, and others.

We also want to hear from other residents -- from you, about your vision for change in Sudbury and beyond. We encourage you to write a few paragraphs, to do a video blog, to design an image, or to find some other way to express your answer to the question, "What kind of change would you want to see in your community and world?". Then you can go to, make an account, and post it. If you'd prefer, instead of posting it yourself, you can email it to us at and we can post it for you. Be sure to include your name and a few lines about yourself, and put the words "Sudbury Voices" in the title.

We want to hear your voices, Sudbury!

(Thanks to Billy Bruhmuller for loaning us the equipment and editing the videos.)


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