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Turn up the Megaphone!

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Turn up the Megaphone!

Vancouver's newest street newspaper, Megaphone, is awesome! The stories are informative and relevant to readers, the design and illustrations are lovely, and the whole paper has a good vibe.

The website isn't functional, so maybe in the future the Dominion News Cooperative can reprint some of their great material.

Look out for Megaphone bi-weekly, on a street corner near you. Or maybe far away from you.

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The Sudbury working-group of The Media Co-op was formed to create independent media in the North, to speak to our issues and outlooks on our communities as well as the world around us. Independent media provides an avenue for people who are wishing to gain critical perspective on the issues that matter most to us, and to give a voice to those people and stories that you won't find in the mainstream media.

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