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MEDIA RELEASE: Buy a Rain Barrel and Help Keep Sudbury's Lakes Healthy

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Buy a Rain barrel and Help Keep our Lakes Healthy
Rain Barrel Sale Funds Local Green Infrastructure Projects

For Immediate Release

Sudbury, February 19th, 2013 – Coalition for a Liveable Sudbury will host a truckload sale of pre-ordered rain barrels on Saturday, May 11 at Minnow Lake Place (1127 Bancroft Drive) from 10:30 AM to 1:30 PM. All orders must be placed online in advance at or by calling (705) 691-5538. Delivery may be possible for those without transportation. Please call for more information about delivery. Rain barrels are $55 each and funds raised will support the creation of a rain garden at Adamsdale Public School and other green infrastructure projects.

By purchasing a rain barrel you will help keep our lakes healthy by keeping stormwater run-off out of our lakes. The more people that participate, the bigger the impact will be!

This sale is part of a “Rain Gardens and Rain Barrels” project aimed at improving lake water quality by reducing the amount of stormwater reaching our lakes. Storm water run-off picks up debris and pollutants, which flow directly into storm sewer systems and end up untreated in our lakes, streams, rivers, or wetlands. Coalition for a Liveable Sudbury is joined by many community partners on this project, including Adamsdale P.S.; Ramsey Lake Stewardship Committee; Minnow Lake CAN Restoration Group; Sudbury Horticulturist Society; Sudbury Master Gardeners; Our Children Our Future; Planet Earth Organic Landscaping and the Greater Sudbury Watershed Alliance.

Rain barrels capture and store rainwater collected from roofs through downspouts, helping to keep our lakes clean, and reducing the risk of flooding during storms. They also provide chlorine and fluoride-free water, which is ideal for gardens, shrubs and trees, and many other uses, resulting in cost savings and conservation opportunities for every homeowner.

Rain gardens are beneficial because they: absorb water from impervious surfaces to reduce flooding; filter oil, grease and toxic materials from water before reaching a waterway; help recharge the aquifer; and provide biodiversity and beneficial wildlife habitat for bees, birds and butterflies. Stay tuned for more rain garden news.

Purchasers have a choice of colours and each rain barrel comes equipped with all the parts you need to set up your barrel. These environmentally friendly products were once used to transport fruits and vegetables and have been refurbished and repurposed to offer years of reliable service as rain barrels.

About Coalition for a Liveable Sudbury – we are a grassroots network of citizen groups and individuals who share a vision of Sudbury as a green, healthy and engaged community. Our work includes research, education, advocacy, and action. We also act as a network connecting like-minded community groups and individual citizens to share information and work together. Members include over 400 individual citizens, as well as a wide range of local community groups. For more information, please contact us at, call (705) 691-5538 or visit

About – reclaims food grade barrels to be reused as rain barrels. Partnerships with local non-profit organizations result in fundraising truckload sales events for dozens of communities in Ontario. For more information, please contact Larry Pomerantz,, call (905) 545-5577 or visit

Contact: Lilly Noble
Phone: (705) 691-5538

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