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MEDIA RELEASE: Change for Teens

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“Change for Teens” is a new campaign to help raise awareness and help strengthen youth resiliency. 

Better Beginnings Better Futures’ The Supporting Potential Overtime with Teens (SPOT) program and the Sudbury Workers’ Education and Advocacy Centre (S.W.E.A.C.) are partnering to empower youth to use their voices in our community.  Our collective goal is to decrease local youth’s odds of living in poverty into adulthood. Together we provide access to safe space, workers’ education and leadership opportunities that build realistic change.  

To date The SPOT program has 88 teenagers registered between the ages of 13 and 17 who can access both organizations’ services. We have distributed “25 jars of change” around the Greater Sudbury area to be filled with donations leading up to International Youth Day, on Wednesday, August 12th, 2015. All proceeds raised will be used directly to support workshops for teens in our community.  

Please SPOT the jars in your community and donate your change! You can find the jars at 25 sites throughout the city, including: 

 Bay Used Book Store (Elm St.)  

 Better Beginnings Better Futures (450 Morin Ave.) 

 Cosmic Daves Vinyl (Kathleen St.) 

 Frübar (Cedar St.) 

 Golden Grain Bakery (Brady St.) 

 Gonga's Grill (Paris St.) 

 Greater Sudbury Police Service (Brady St.) 

 Holiday Inn (Regent St.)  

 La Fromagerie (Elgin St.) 

 Myths & Mirrors Community Arts (Durham St.) 

 Northern Hepatitis Centre of Excellence (Notre Dame Ave.)  

 Occupational Health Clinics for Ontario Workers (Cedar St.) 

 Old Rock Café (Durham St) 

 Old Rock Café (near arena) 

 Pita Pit (Cedar St) 

 Sudbury Workers’ Education & Advocay Centre (109 Elm St.) 

 Sudbury Action for Youth Centre (Elm St.) 

 Silver Bullet (Notre Dame Ave.) 

 Skakoon’s Home Hardwear (Montague Ave.) 

 Staples (Notre Dame Ave.) 

 Sudbury Credit Union (Cedar St.)  

 The Laughing Buddha (Elgin St.) 

 The SPOT (O’Connor Park Club House)  

 Ti Amo (Cedar St.)  

 Tucos Tacos Lounge (Kathleen St.) 


Thank you for your generous support for our teens! 



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