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MEDIA RELEASE: Save the Mountain, The Sequel

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Kaella-Marie Earle presents "Friends of the Mountain"
Kaella-Marie Earle presents "Friends of the Mountain"
Joscelyne Landry-Altmann addressed a group of concerned community members.
Joscelyne Landry-Altmann addressed a group of concerned community members.

Sudbury, Thursday, March 10, 2016 – This past Thursday, Flour Mill community members gathered to discuss and plan strategies to stop a proposed housing development on the Kathleen/Morin Hilltop. The private property, which is surrounded by parkland/greenspace, was the subject of a similar discussion 20 years ago which resulted in an Ontario Municipal Board decision that portions of the private property would be swapped with the city to protect important greenspace. The private property, owned by Three Season Investments, is zoned for 400 units, which has a number of community members concerned. The blasting that would be required to develop this area has great potential to damage older homes and the surrounding environment in this quiet neighbourhood. Many residents that live in the area are concerned that the wildlife will be displaced and that the community members will lose one of the few remaining historic natural areas, which prompted a petition to preserve their beloved free recreation  space.


Ward 12 councillor, Joscelyne Landry-Altmann, was in attendance and provided information and support for the effort to preserve the Kathleen/Morin Hilltop. Some solutions that the city may entertain include purchasing the private property, or swapping for other city owned property. The community would support either of these solutions.  There was concern that this is not the first time the community has gathered to take a stand for this specific piece of land,  this fight to prevent development started 20 years ago.


In an effort to bring a voice to the community that would feel affected by the loss of this natural  recreation space,  Kaella-Marie Earle has started a photo project to give community members an opportunity to share what this particular natural area means to them. It is titled "Friends of the Mountain", and includes a collection of pictures along with quotes and stories from community members that emphasize the connection felt between the community and the mountain. In creating this project, Kaella has discovered that not only do many Sudburians have treasured memories with this natural parkland that is nestled in a community near the cities downtown core, but the mountain also signifies Sudbury’s strong potential for environmental stewardship. Earle invites anyone who is interested in participating in this project to contact her (


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