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Could Seedy Sunday become illegal?

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Could Seedy Sunday become illegal?


Last weekend’s Seedy Sunday organized by the Sudbury Horticultural Society was a roaring success.  There were hundreds of people there to trade seeds they had saved from last year’s garden and purchase heritage organic seeds you just can’t find at the big box stores.   Events like this take place all across our country but a Bill that is currently making its way through parliament could make seed saving illegal.  Nope, I’m not making this up.


Bill C-18 – The Agricultural Growth Act is another omnibus Bill that will change several agricultural laws including restricting the rights of Canadians to store, save, clean and treat our own seeds.  Farmers could be sued for storing their own seed. 


If this Bill passes, we will be giving big multinational corporations like Bayer and Monsanto even more control over our food system than they already have.  These corporations will have intellectual property rights over seeds, like a patent, and be able collect royalties on seeds or restrict their use.  Royalties could be charged based on the size of the harvest, not just the sale of seeds.  For example, if a farmer takes off a second crop of hay in a season, he will have to pay the seed company again for the same seed. 


If farmers are forced to buy new seed every year, there is no incentive for seed developers to create better varieties or types that grow better in certain areas – like northern Ontario.  Farmers will be forced to use a mass market seed product.  Research and development will stop.  Increased costs will especially hurt small farmers and will increase the use of chemicals as farmers try to maximize yields in a struggle to keep costs as low as possible.


The National Farmers Union is working hard against this Bill.  Check them out at  If our farmers ever needed our support, now is sure the time.  No corporation should be allowed to control our food supply and decide what we eat.  Bill C-18 isn’t just bad for farmers or gardeners.  It is dangerous for everyone who eats!


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