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Sudbury Social Justice News - May 24, 2015

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1) Throughout May: Workplace Rights Workshops in Sudbury's Libraries
2) Monday, May 25: Sudbury Women's Bike Group Ride
3) Wednesday, May 27: Open Meeting of the Sudbury Revolutionary Network
4) Thursday, May 28: Coalition for a Liveable Sudbury AGM
5) Saturday, May 30: Fierte Sudbury Pride Garage Sale Fundraiser
6) Saturday, May 30: Sudbury Revolutionary Network Garage Sale Fundraiser
7) Saturday, May 30: March Against Bill C-51
8) Saturday, May 30: Sudbury Bike/Velo Fest
9) Wednesday, June 3: Canadian Labour Congress' "Time for Change Tour"
10) Monday, June 15: reThink Green Annual General Meeting
11) Thursday, June 25: Council of Canadians Meeting
12) Saturday, June 27: Myths and Mirrors Dance-A-Thon Fundraiser


None this week!


Throughout May: Workplace Rights Workshops in Sudbury's Libraries
In the month of May, the Sudbury Workers Education & Advocacy Centre will be hosting a series of workshops across multiple libraries in town.

Do you work part-time? In a contract? For a temp agency? Non-unionized workplace? Starting a new job? Questions about a workplace issue? This is for YOU!

Here are the workshops remaining in the rest of May. Please join us as you are able to learn about your workplace rights:

May 25 @ 6:30pm Dowling Library
May 26 @ 1pm Coniston Library

Questions? Call us at 705-470-3323 or like us on Facebook:


Monday, May 25: Sudbury Women's Bike Group Ride
Time: 6:30pm
Location: Starting at the BioSki Chalet, end of South Bay road

If the weather is with us, see you Monday night on the trails. Si la temperature le permet on se voit lundi soir sur le sentier.


Get your bikes ready Monday, May 25 at 6:30 pm.
Meet up at the BioSki Chalet, at the end of South Bay rd. in the Conservation area meet in the parking lot


Wednesday, May 27: Open Meeting of the Sudbury Revolutionary Network
Time: 6:30pm to 8:30pm
Location: 84 Station Cafe (84 Elgin Street, Sudbury)

This meeting is open to all and the location is wheelchair-accessible. On the agenda:

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions for the agenda, send a PM via Facebook or email us at


Thursday, May 28: Coalition for a Liveable Sudbury AGM
Time: 7pm to 9pm
Location: LAL classroom, St. Andrews Place (111 Larch Street, Sudbury)

Doors open at 6pm.

Check out this link for a PDF file of the agenda: <>

And fill out this short online survey to help guide the work for the coming year: ** <>

All are welcome!


Saturday, May 30: Fierte Sudbury Pride Garage Sale Fundraiser

Time: 8am
Location: Barbara Street, Sudbury

Come OUT and support Fierté Sudbury Pride
at our annual
-house wear
and MORE!!!

This event on Facebook:


Saturday, May 30: Sudbury Revolutionary Network Garage Sale Fundraiser
Time: 7:30am to 3:30pm
Location: Larch Street, in downtown Sudbury

The Sudbury Revolutionary Network (SRN) will be at Sudbury's Largest Yard and Sidewalk Sale this year, raising money to continue our work in helping people with their struggles. Please come and check out our table to support your local anti-capitalists! Learn more about the Sale here:

We will be selling:
- Classic books of marxist theory
- Contemporary magazines with a revolutionary perspective on Canadian colonialism and capitalism
- Lots of SRN swag
- Other items given by our activists


If you have unneeded things laying around the house, please consider donating so we can acquire the resources to do even more! We are accepting anything that can be sold, including: household items; electronics; knick-knacks; decorations; lawn ornaments; office supplies; pet supplies; kitchen items; exercise equipment; and anything else you have around that you think someone else might like to pick up. All donors can receive complementary revolutionary zines.

WHEN: Saturday, May 30th; donations can be dropped off by vehicle between 7:30 and 9am, and throughout the sale by foot from 9am to 3:30pm.
WHERE: Along Larch Street, Downtown Sudbury.

Please contact us to let us know what you can donate and to make arrangements for the items to be dropped off or picked up. It is preferable that items donated for sale are dropped off on the morning of the yard sale (Sat. May 30th) between the hours of 7:30am and 9am as that is the only time that vehicles are allowed to drive up to the tables, but items that can be carried can be brought to our table for donation after 9am. If you cannot make it to the yard sale and would like to donate items to the SRN for sale, please contact us to make arrangements. See our contact info below.

All proceeds go toward strengthening SRN for the struggles to come. We are an all-volunteer organization of workers and students and people in poverty. We are dedicated to the struggle against all systems of oppression and exploitation. To fight effectively and prevent co-optation, we remain totally independent from the State and all institutions of the imperialist capitalist class. That is why our efforts so far have been funded out of our own pockets, and why we're now looking to others to help us continue the fight.

Your donations, now and in the future, will go toward building the infrastructure that will serve working-class struggles in Sudbury for the years to come:
- Ongoing printing and copying costs
- A long-term solution for large-scale production and distribution of printed material, including our own photocopier
- Silk screening equipment
- Other art supplies, including paint and paper
- Food served free to people at our events
- 'Serve the People' programs to help our communities with their unmet needs within this vicious system
- And much more!

Not everyone can be on the front-lines everyday, organizing and agitating for the cause. But material support is also an essential part of the work, so please consider giving any unneeded items.

For more info or to donate, please contact us on Facebook or at

This event on Facebook:


Saturday, May 30: March Against Bill C-51

Time: 1pm
Location: Starting from the Sudbury Courthouse (155 Elm Street)

Bill C-51 is a threat to our rights and freedoms. Join the National Convergence in Sudbury as we continue to voice our opposition.

Enough is enough! Bill C-51 is part of a long string of initiatives to expand the government’s security powers and signals a dramatic new direction for Canadian security. Presented as anti-terror legislation, Bill C-51 creates excessive over reaching powers for security agencies, that will harm online innovation, political discourse, and our civil liberties.

The Conservative Government is rushing this bill through parliament without responsible parliamentary process. The actions of the government are degrading our democracy and our international reputation.

This bill disproportionately targets indigenous communities, environmental activists, dissidents, and Muslims, many of whom are already subjected to questionable and overreaching powers by security officials. Bill C-51 will make it easier and ostensibly lawful for government to continue infringing upon the rights of peaceful people.

“Bill C-51… is a dangerous piece of legislation in terms of its potential impacts on the rule of law, on constitutionally and internationally protected rights, and on the health of Canada’s democracy”
-106 Law professors from across Canada in and Open
Letter to the Government criticizing Bill C-51

Any government that would propose legislation that is unconstitutional and undemocratic does not have the moral authority to maintain power in a true democracy. Generations before us have defended the rights and freedoms that are now in jeopardy.

In response people from the four directions will march in solidarity on Parliament Hill on May 30th to #RejectFear and call on Members of Parliament to;

-Withdraw / Repeal Bill C-51 Saturday, May 30: Sudbury Bike/Velo Fest
-Affirm and Uphold the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
-Honour the Treaties with First Nations and the Rights of Indigenous People
-Honour First Nations Right to be Consulted (Section 35)
-Stop racist legislation and fear mongering

Our security lives in our solidarity, standing together for our rights and civil liberties, not in legislation that creates secret police and secret courts. Bill C-51 does nothing to protect Canadians, it actually will make us less safe.

“The powers of CSIS have always depended on how a ‘threat to the security of Canada’ is defined, and section 2 of the CSIS Act already has an extremely broad definition. This has been interpreted to include environmental activists, indigenous groups, and other social or political activists. Concerns are heightened with the proposal to grant CSIS a ‘disruptive’ kinetic role.”
-Canadian Bar Association

#RejectFear and let’s stand together for the well-being of all the people on this land.

This event on Facebook:


Saturday, May 30: Sudbury Bike/Velo Fest

   Time: 3pm to 8pm
   Locations: Downtown Sudbury, Tom Davies Square, La Fromagerie

   Time: 10am to 3pm
   Location: Lake Laurentian Conservation Area, Bioski Club, End of South Bay Road

This is a community event to celebrate cycling in Greater Sudbury!

     Saturday, May 30th

       3:00 pm to 5:00 pm, Tom Davies Square
       Brady Street, Sudbury

Opening Ceremonies
Kids Bike Exchange
Kids Bike Rodeo
Transit Rack and Roll Bus
Safe Cycling 1/2 Hour Workshops

       6:00 pm to 8:00 pm, La Fromagerie
       5 Cedar St. (corner of Elgin and Cedar Streets), Sudbury

Meet and Greet
Bike Valet Parking – free!
View bike display models and talk to Kona, Trek, and Specialized reps

     Sunday, May 31th

       10:00 am to 3:00 pm, Lake Laurentian Conservation Area, Bioski Club
       End of South Bay Road

Ride a Kona, Trek or Specialized demo bike – free!
Scheduled Group Trail Rides
Safe Cycling Workshops
Raffles with Prizes
Bike Valet Parking – free!

Directions from Paris Street:

Turn right on Ramsey Lake Road.
Turn right at South Bay Road.
Continue through the University of Sudbury campus.
Turn right to continue on South Bay Road.
Continue to the end of the road to the BioSki Club.

Event details online:


Wednesday, June 3: Canadian Labour Congress' "Time for Change Tour"

Time: 7pm to 9pm
Location: USW Local 6500 hall (66 Brady Street, Sudbury)

It's time for change and you can be a part of it!

Join CLC President, Hassan Yussuff, for a rally and party as part of the labour movement's cross-country tour for change.

This fall, we'll elect a new government but it will require hard work and focus. Join us at the Time for Change Tour event in Ottawa to pick up materials, meet other labour activists in your community and learn how we'll build a better Canada.

Register Today - It's Free:


Monday, June 15: reThink Green Annual General Meeting
Time: 7pm to 9pm
Location: The Green Room (3rd floor, 176 Larch Street, Sudbury. Please note that this venue is not wheelchair accessible.)

Agenda to be announced!


Thursday, June 25: Council of Canadians Meeting
Time: 6:30pm
Location: South End Library (1991 Regent Street, Sudbury)

This will be a general meeting of the Sudbury Chapter of the Council of Canadians. All are welcome!


Saturday, June 27: Myths and Mirrors Dance-A-Thon Fundraiser

Time: 9pm to 5am
Location: Fromagerie Elgin (5 Cedar Street, Sudbury; entry from Elgin)

Dust off your dancing shoes and get your outfit ready for Myths and Mirrors Community Arts’ 3rd Annual Dance-A-Thon on Saturday June 27 from 9PM to 5AM at Fromagerie Elgin.

There will be DJ’s, prizes, awards, dance offs, costumes, snacks and, of course a little art making!

Get you team* together, pick a theme and get your costumes in order or collect your pledges and just come as you are (we will bring a few costume pieces for folks who didn't know they wanted to get jazzed up)!

(Registration site will be up next week)

* A team can be 1 - 4 people

This event on Facebook:

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