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Sudbury Social Justice News - May 31, 2015

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1) Wednesday, June 3: Canadian Labour Congress' "Time for Change Tour"
2) Saturday, June 6: Sudbury Cyclists' Union Annual Bike Tune-Up BBQ
3) Monday, June 15: reThink Green Annual General Meeting
4) Thursday, June 25: Council of Canadians Meeting
5) Saturday, June 27: Myths and Mirrors Dance-A-Thon Fundraiser


1) Introducing Workers Struggle-Sudbury


Wednesday, June 3: Canadian Labour Congress' "Time for Change Tour"

Time: 7pm to 9pm
Location: USW Local 6500 hall (66 Brady Street, Sudbury)

It's time for change and you can be a part of it!

Join CLC President, Hassan Yussuff, for a rally and party as part of the labour movement's cross-country tour for change.

This fall, we'll elect a new government but it will require hard work and focus. Join us at the Time for Change Tour event in Ottawa to pick up materials, meet other labour activists in your community and learn how we'll build a better Canada.

Register Today - It's Free:


Saturday, June 6: Sudbury Cyclists' Union Annual Bike Tune-Up BBQ

Time: 10am to 6pm
Location: 176 Leslie Street, Sudbury

Come prepare your bicycle for the summer season. Experienced mechanics on hand for advice & assistance.

Most common tools provided. Bring your own parts if required.

Bring a bit of food if you wish, good spirits and a willingness to get your hands greasy!
No need to RSVP - just show up with your bike and appetite!

Feel free to spread the word!

Mette & Gabe


Monday, June 15: reThink Green Annual General Meeting

Time: 7pm to 9pm
Location: The Green Room (3rd floor, 176 Larch Street, Sudbury. Please note that this venue is not wheelchair accessible.)

ReThink Green's Annual General Meeting will take place on *Monday June 15 7-9 pm in the Green Room* (176 Larch Street Rm 301). Among other things we will be presenting:

 * A summary of current and planned programs
 * A financial update
 * Opportunities for input into our strategic plan
 * Election of the new board

Coffee, tea and tasty treats will be provide. Click here to download the Annual General Meeting Agenda <>. Please RSVP by replying to this e-mail or on our Facebook Event <>. While an RSVP is not required to attend, it does help us with our planning and set-up, so please let me know if you are planning to come. The AGM is open to the public, so pass on the invitation anyone you think would be interested.  Looking forward to seeing you there!

This event on Facebook:


Thursday, June 25: Council of Canadians Meeting

Time: 6:30pm
Location: South End Library (1991 Regent Street, Sudbury)

This will be a general meeting of the Sudbury Chapter of the Council of Canadians. All are welcome!


Saturday, June 27: Myths and Mirrors Dance-A-Thon Fundraiser

Time: 9pm to 5am
Location: Fromagerie Elgin (5 Cedar Street, Sudbury; entry from Elgin)

Dust off your dancing shoes and get your outfit ready for Myths and Mirrors Community Arts’ 3rd Annual Dance-A-Thon on Saturday June 27 from 9PM to 5AM at Fromagerie Elgin.

There will be DJ’s, prizes, awards, dance offs, costumes, snacks and, of course a little art making!

Get you team (of up to 4 folks) together, pick a theme and get your costumes in order or collect your pledges and just come as you are (we will bring some costume pieces for folks who didn't know they wanted to get jazzed up!)



DANCE! Register to dance, make a team if you like, have fun, come to an amazing art infused dance party and stay as long as you'd like!

SPONSOR! Don't feel like dancing? That's OK, you can donate to the fundraiser here: <>

CONTRIBUTE A PRIZE! Contribute a prize that will add to the evening! Contact us at or 705 222 1305 to arrange pickup!

We appreciate you support and all contributions large and small; they all help us reach our goal!

This event on Facebook:



Introducing Workers Struggle-Sudbury
(A new publication by some Sudbury-based organizers.)

This year on May Day we published the first issue of Workers Struggle-Sudbury (WS-S). WS-S is a monthly publication featuring interviews with Sudbury workers. Tomorrow, June 1^st , we’re publishing the June issue. We’re committed to publishing WS-S for one year, and then we’ll re-evaluate next May Day, to see if our theory that this publication is needed has been validated in practice. This winter we interviewed workers and continue to do so. The May issue of WS-S featured an interview with a hospital laundry worker, the June issue features an interview with a trucker and the July issue will feature an interview with a garbage collection worker.

Why interview Sudbury workers? The fundamental contradiction of society is between capital and labour. Workers don’t have to declare themselves to be anti-capital – they are anti-capital. Our wage represents a small but important victory in this struggle, but it is not enough! Workers are entitled to everything we create, but capitalists are the most organized class in history and it is their interests that win the day each and every day. They are a despicable and ruthless class. They’re attacking all other classes from all directions. We must organize and fight for our own interests, in our workplaces, where the fundamental contradiction is most palpable. And we must organize autonomously outside the structures that capitalists provide for us, including professional unions, the electoral process and NGOs. Autonomy is the ability to practice our values, the peoples’ values. It’s organizing for our own interests. What are our interests? What furthers them and what doesn’t? We can decide together while building an autonomous working class-led organization with different classes working together to fight capitalism.

To visit the WS-S website:

To go directly to the June issue of WS-S:

Or directly to the May issue:

If you’d like to subscribe to WS-S, provide feedback, be interviewed, or organize with us, please do get in touch: <>. If you like this publication, an easy way to help is to share it with others!


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