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January 6, 2009

Media Analysis of Gaza Protests

Media Analysis

In the past few days, there have been several large demonstrations against Israel's bombing and subsequent invasion of Gaza. In many cases, the corporate media has underreported the numbers and the character of these demonstrations.

In any case, we need to gather accurate information about the demonstrations across the country that have taken place.

You can help, by posting comments below, with:

  • Links to estimates of turnout at demonstrations
  • Photos showing the size of the crowds
  • Links to corporate media coverage that misrepresents these numbers
  • Local reports or press releases about demonstrations, whether written by local media or organizers

We're looking for solid information from anywhere in Canada. Please take a few minutes to contribute to the research.


Toronto Gaza Protest - January 10th

Here's a link to my coverage of the demonstration held in Toronto on January 10th.

Halifax Protest for Jan 10

I'd say there were over 100 people at the rally today. There was also a peace vigil last night.

An article published in the Chronicle Herald about the protests ends with:

The Halifax vigil was preceded Thursday night by a pro-Israel rally in a local synagogue. That event was one of several Jewish community rallies held across Canada.

Jon Goldberg, executive director of the Atlantic Jewish Council, said no one wants to see Gazans get hurt or killed. But he said Israel has been bombed repeatedly by Hamas rockets and it has a right to defend itself.

Asked about critics’ comments regarding Israel’s military response being tantamount to "war crimes," Mr. Goldberg said "that’s balderdash."

"The biggest crime of all has been perpetrated by Hamas and its followers, which has forced, because of their actions, the state of Israel to take the actions that it has."

Halifax Gaza protest, Fr. Jan 9

Today's Gaza demo had about 50 to 100 demonstrators. There is another demo planned for tomorrow at 1pm, where organizers are hoping for an even larger turnout.


Justin Podur has some excellent analysis:

Montreal Dec. 28 Demo coverage

While coverage of the Jan. 4 demo in Montreal seems to have been fairly accurate, reporting on the first march, held on Dec. 28 and organised within about 24hrs, varied widely. The Montreal Gazette reported that 'dozens of Palestinian-Canadians and their supporters' marched, while La Presse reported that there were several hundred. Organisers also placed the number in the hundreds.

Toronto Gaza Protest

Here's a link to my coverage of the demonstration held in Toronto on January 3rd.

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