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Sudbury's only Rain Barrel sale for 2015

Order a Rain Barrel to Celebrate Earth Day!

by Karen Bringleson

Re-purposed rain barrels - transported foods like olives in their previous lives
Re-purposed rain barrels - transported foods like olives in their previous lives

Sudbury’s only Rain Barrel Sale for 2015

Order a rain barrel in support of Sudbury and Nickelbelt

Green Party Riding Associations


What a great way to celebrate Earth Day!

What an awesome Mothers’ Day gift! is pleased to partner with Sudbury Green Party of Canada in support of Green Party candidates in the upcoming federal election. We are raising funds to get our message about green issues out to the people of Sudbury and the Nickelbelt.

The rain barrel sale, distribution and pickup is scheduled for Saturday, June 6th, 2015 and will take place from 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM at 1080 Sunnybrae Avenue, Sudbury, ON P3A 2X8. Only rain barrels ordered in advance are guaranteed to be available.

Prices begin at $55 per barrel. A variety of optional items including flexible downspout pipes, downspout diverters, rain barrel stands, dispensing hose and additional lengths of overflow hose can also be purchased. Please bring your receipt to the sale event to claim your products.

You can order your barrel online at or contact us at or 705-593-2239.  We will also be taking orders at the Earth Day Festival, April 25th and at the Gardening Festival, May 30th.

About local Greens – We are all the Green Party folks who live in Sudbury and the Nickelbelt. We are working to build the conversation around green issues that are important to Sudbury and the Nickelbelt like climate change, local food, sustainable jobs, and geothermal energy. Rain barrels are great for the environment and your garden.  Order yours today!

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