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posted by rm_charbonneau in on Apr 22, 2016 - View profile


May Day Songs & Sing-Along

- 9:00pm
Sunday May 1 2016

Venue: The Townehouse Tavern
Address: 206 Elgin Street
Cost: Free
Accessibility: Accessible with a call ahead 705-674-6883

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Sunday, May 1st is May Day, an international day the working class struggled for to celebrate the history of working class organizing: our power and our culture! May Day is not sanctioned by the state of by business unions! This is our day and we struggle for it every year!

Let's get together and sing songs about our struggles, both past and present! We've got some great music planned, as well as some great performers lined up: John Newlands, Kevin Closs, Anita Ansamaa, Paul Loewenberg, Jo Po, Penny Earley and Ron Tough, Jennifer Huss, and Fionna Tough!

Organizer:Rachael Charbonneau

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