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Valley East Park Gate Closed

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Langdon Park Gate closed and locked.
Langdon Park Gate closed and locked.
The New Trail
The New Trail
A memorial bench with a pleasant view.
A memorial bench with a pleasant view.
The sun shelter sits in a small meadow.
The sun shelter sits in a small meadow.


The gate into Blezard Valley's Langdon Park has been closed and locked by CGS Park Officials in an effort to prevent the continual vandalism and misbehaviour by some park visitors that has been the hallmark of the park since it was restored. With limited parks staff assigned to work on the city's trails and one only regular volunteer, it became impossible to keep up.
The thirty-acre Langdon Park, features a 1 km natural walking trail through a mixed tree forest around a wetland, with a pleasant section alongside the Whitson River. It's a popular trail that is used by people who enjoy walking in a natural setting, with or without their dogs. You will often meet nature photographers, bird watchers, fiddlehead pickers, and young families enjoying the trail and the sun shelter and grassy meadow alongside the river.
Langdon Park was once a pleasant family spot that feel into disuse due to the antisocial acts and behaviour of certain types of individuals. It became a playground for ATV & snow machines as well a neighbourhood dumping ground. Members of a local trails group, Valley East Trails, took on the project of restoring the trails in the park but at the same time maintaining it's natural beauty. The project began late in the summer of 2008 and was mostly completed in 2009. Certain cleaning up activities has continued up to the present time.
The park and the trail is still available to the public the only difference is that parking will have to be on Martin Rd. instead of the park's own parking lot. There are two large garbage cans, which are available for visitors use, and of course, there are two Mutt Mitt dispensers so there is no reason to leave Fido's production on the trail for others to walk over.
A spokesperson for Valley East Trails told us that this action was regrettable but unfortunately necessary when a minority of people cannot appreciate the efforts what others are trying to do for a community.
Glenn Murray administers the "Langdon Park Trail Association Society" page on Facebook, and is a steward of the trail.  He is a member of Valley East Trails, an ad hoc committee of the Valley East Community Action Network which watches over several trails in the Valley East area. 

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